Rohrer’s Theocratic Vision for America

Rohrer’s Theocratic Vision for America March 24, 2015

Sam Rohrer, the founder of the American Pastors Network that hosted a conference in Pennsylvania last week, recently replied to an inquiry by Warren Throckmorton by saying that he didn’t find any of the accusations against David Barton to be credible. Now we know why: They share a love of theocracy.

The Biblical Relationship: Pastors and Government Leaders

The phrase “Ministers of God” is often used to describe pastors in the pulpits. Yet God also uses the title of “Ministers of God” to describe those in positions of civil government as referred to in Romans 13. This is a title God gives to those He raises up and both of these positions of authority are equally established by God to accomplish His purposes.

Pastors are charged with wielding the Word of God as an instrument of Truth, preaching the whole counsel of God into all of His institutions – the Home, Civil Government, and the Church to equip people to advance God’s design for society (II Tim. 4:2)

Government leaders are charged with wielding the Word of God as an instrument of Justice, promoting God’s moral law as the foundation of right and wrong, encouraging those who do well biblically, and executing judgment on those who break the law (Romans 13:3,4)

That’s from a pamphlet his group was distributing at that conference. Liberty? They don’t need no stinking liberty. Theocracy is what they want.

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