Texas School Reverses Decision, Will Stop Bible Reading Over PA

Texas School Reverses Decision, Will Stop Bible Reading Over PA March 24, 2015

The superintendent of the White Oak Intermediate School District in Texas has reversed his initial decision not to do away with the daily reading of Bible verses over the high school PA system. He now says he will end that practice, but is refusing to discuss it publicly.

Superintendent of White Oak schools Michael Gilbert says they will no longer read scripture during the morning announcements at White Oak High School. This decision comes after a formal complaint was filed with the school by the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

Sam Grover, a staff lawyer with the foundation, says the practice of Biblical readings is not only offensive to non-Christians, but against the law.

“By infusing morning announcements with Christian ideology, the principal was isolating the students within his district that aren’t Christian. That’s wrong, in addition to being illegal.”

Gilbert declined interview requests, but gave a brief statement via phone saying, “We will no longer cite chapter or verse from scripture.”

He’s also shut off the comments on his blog, where he initially made his rather arrogant announcement that the Bible readings would continue. Sounds pretty cowardly to me.

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