Pat Robertson Has a Birthday Party

Pat Robertson Has a Birthday Party March 25, 2015

Pat Robertson had a huge bash celebrating his 163rd birthday (I’m rounding up) and it was attended by a who’s who of the wingnut set. Pat Boone, Donald Trump, fellow televangelist con man Kenneth Copeland, all came to pay their respects. Ben Carson even gave a speech.

Carson thanked Robertson for his “positive” outlook on life, seeming to ignore Robertson’s regular pronouncements about America’s imminent destruction at the hands of gays and the Obama administration.

Oh yes, Pat Robertson’s positive outlook on life. Like all the horrible calamities he predicts — sorry, “prophecies” — every year that never come true. He’s predicted global economic collapse several times, none of which actually happened; he’s predicted earthquakes and tsunamis and hurricanes that never happened; he’s predicted that America would get nuked several times. The only thing “positive” about Pat Robertson’s outlook is that he’s positive he can keep bilking the credulous out of their money if he sells them a vision of a dystopic future that only he can prevent. And that’s the only accurate prediction he’s ever made.

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