‘Prophet’ Gives Beck a Mantle From God

‘Prophet’ Gives Beck a Mantle From God March 25, 2015

Chuck Pierce, one of the top leaders of the New Apostolic Reformation and a self-declared “prophet,” got a visit at his church over the weekend from Glenn Beck. Naturally, he declared Beck to be a prophet as well and gave him a “mantle” that could be “used to spread a new fire in this land.” Then he took to Facebook to explain why he would do so for a Mormon heretic.

I know many of you have concerns about Glenn Beck being a Guest at Global Spheres while others thought it was the greatest thing that ever happened. Falma Rufus asked me to host her family, including her new son in the Lord, Glenn Beck. Because of my love and honor for Falma, I was very blessed to do so. I would do the same for any of you.

At Global Spheres, we are called to host revival.

Concerning Glenn Beck and his family, I enjoyed being with them. Jesus would have done the same. Glenn is a Mormon. However, many prophets have prophesied that those in the Mormon religion will have revival. How would that ever happen without someone like Falma praying and someone like me opening my heart to embrace the opportunity. I honestly know that it is “not by might nor by power but by the Spirit” that any of this can change.

Glenn Beck, like Cyrus has a voice to change this nation. Cyrus had God’s mantle to do so. Mr. Beck also has a mantle now that can be used to spread a new fire in this land. He has a heart to see our nation continue to embrace Israel. That is our common ground. If he continues to embrace the God of Israel, then he will eventually know His fullness.

I’m pretty sure this means that Beck will now inherit that bottomless bowl of spaghetti from Cindy Jacobs.

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