Beck: 30% of Founding Documents Come From Deuteronomy

Beck: 30% of Founding Documents Come From Deuteronomy March 26, 2015

Glenn Beck and David Barton have long been BFFs and Beck routinely repeats Barton’s lies on his show. He never presents any evidence for them, of course, because there is no evidence. But you know what they say about the big lie — repeat it often enough and it becomes true, especially if your audience is ignorant and doesn’t care what is or isn’t true. Here’s the latest:

On Friday’s installment, Beck explained that he has been contemplating launching “Torah Tuesday” programs in which his audience and he would learn more about the Hebrew Bible because “the answer for everything we are looking for comes from God.”

“I want to know the New Testament, I want to know the Old Testament,” Beck said, “and I want to know another Testament, the one my faith has.”

Learning more about the Book of Deuteronomy, he said, is especially important because “thirty percent of all of our federal documents, thirty percent [are] based in Deuteronomy.”

“The Founders knew how important Deuteronomy was,” Beck said.

Okay Glenn, so how about citing specific verses in Deuteronomy and then citing their analogues in “our federal documents.” And be sure to quantify exactly how you came up with 30%. Oh, you can’t? How surprising. That’s because you’ve borrowed a lie from Barton about that now-famous Donald Lutz study, which says nothing even remotely like this. The study was not of “federal documents” at all, it was of speeches and writings that touched on political issues that were published as pamphlets or in newspapers, along with some documents that came from the founding fathers (but not “federal documents”). And that same study found that in 1787 and 1788, when the constitution was being debated and ratified, the only ones citing the Bible were those who used it to argue against the passage of the constitution. No matter how many times you repeat this bullshit, it’s still a lie.

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