Klingenschmitt Identifies Another Demon

Klingenschmitt Identifies Another Demon March 28, 2015

I always laugh when Gordon Klingenschmitt “discerns” (read: makes shit up) another demonic spirit in people he’s never even met. This time it’s trans people, who apparently have two demons: a “demonic spirit of lying” and a “predatory spirit of sexual exploitation.”

On his “Pray In Jesus Name” program today, the Colorado Republican state legislator said that “there is a demonic spirit of lying” inside of transgender people, whom he said are “parading their parts” in front of small children because they are driven by “a predatory spirit of sexual exploitation.”

Klingenschmitt then once again asserted that since the Bible says that transgender people are not allowed in church, they should likewise be banned from using public facilities, saying that “if they can’t enter the assembly of the Lord, why should they be able to enter your women’s locker room.”

You know who else couldn’t enter the temple? Non-Jews. That means you, Gordo. Guess you can’t use public facilities anymore. Sorry, it’s your own, uh, “logic.”

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