How to Know When You’re a Prophet

How to Know When You’re a Prophet March 29, 2015

I loves me some Cindy Jacobs. This self-declared “prophet” provides an endless supply of statements to mock. Hemant found a great video of her interviewing another self-declared “prophet,” who explained when she first knew she had the gift of prophecy. It was when she could tell what was going to happen in movies she was watching.

Rebecca Greenwood: … And I’m really good at going to movies. And I didn’t know why. And lots of times, we could be sitting, watching a movie, and I’d look at Greg even before I understood I was a prophet, and I’m like, “This is gonna happen. This is gonna happen. This is gonna be the outcome.” So lots of times, he would tell me, “Don’t tell me what’s gonna happen at the movie. If you understand before it’s happening, I don’t wanna know before it happens.”

Cindy Jacobs: You know, my gift doesn’t work like that at movies, and I don’t go to that many, but Mike’s does! And I hate that! I go, “Now, I do not wanna know the outcome,” you know, I deal with nations…

Mike Jacobs: And that’s not prophetic with me…

Cindy Jacobs: Oh, he doesn’t know. He’s very prophetic.

I presume they then shared some of that spaghetti from Jacobs’ bottomless bowl.

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