Eric Hovind Teaches ‘Critical Thinking’ in Public School

Eric Hovind Teaches ‘Critical Thinking’ in Public School March 30, 2015

Hemant reports that last week, Eric Hovind gave a seminar — Hovind says it was about “critical thinking” — to a public school in Georgia during the school day. And one of his readers filed a FOIA request and got a copy of the presentation. I’m sure you’ll be shocked to hear it’s all about creationism.

After looking at all the communication provided by the district, here’s what I can tell you:

Hovind’s appearance was supported by a local minister, Tim Tidwell of Oakside Baptist Church, who at the very least sent Principal Dennis “Chip” Medders a recommendation on Hovind’s behalf…

One of the other recommendation letters Hovind provided as a reference included this one from a Mississippi high school principal who praised him (15 years ago) for making it clear that “the creationist position was not only scientific, but also logical and appealing to anyone with an open mind.”

Here’s that recommendation letter:


All about creationism vs evolution, but since he doesn’t mention the Bible, that makes it all okay, right? Wrong. This was settled by two court cases in the 80s, McLean v Arkansas and Edwards v Aguillard, both of which saw through the ruse of teaching “creation science” as what it was, an attempt to get religion illegally into science classrooms.

Hemant has slides from the presentation, which are the same old tired creationist claims that were debunked literally decades ago.

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