BarbWire Declares Death of Presbyterian Church USA

BarbWire Declares Death of Presbyterian Church USA March 31, 2015

As I’m sure you’ve heard by now, the Presbyterian Church USA, the more liberal Presbyterian denomination, recently endorsed same-sex marriage. The Christian right is, of course, flipping out over that. BarbWire called on a guy who wrote a book called — I kid you not — The Boobonic Plague to declare the death of the denomination.

The Presbyterian Church U.S.A. (PCUSA) is now dead.[1] After a long, tedious struggle to remain faithful to the scriptures and great Christian reformers like John Knox, the leadership of the PCUSA denomination (the liberal branch of Presbyterian churches) has thrown in the towel and surrendered to the loud and obnoxious voices of militant lesbians and “gays”. A PCUSA church near you will soon be conducting same-sex “marriages.” The moral high ground in this conflict has been surrendered to Satan.

How did this happen? It occurred as church deaths always do, with a membership that is ignorant of the scriptures. Bring in some spiritually dead anti-Christian heretics. Add a few New Age ideologies that sound “Christianese,” like ending discrimination and embracing the future, sprinkle with the words: love, community, and equality, and shake until blended. There you have it. A deadly cocktail of pharisaic poison. Each ingredient by itself is harmless, but together, they create a deadly toxin that is fatal to dignity, honor, faithfulness and righteousness…

In real numbers, the defection of the PCUSA doesn’t make much of an impact on Christendom. Its membership is at an all-time low with only about 1.8 million members. But the real impact will be felt when other denominations like the United Methodist Church, the Catholic Church, and the Southern Baptist Church are pressured into defiling themselves, as well, or suffer persecution for their “stubbornness.”

PCUSA members have ignorantly rejected Paul’s admonishing question, “What fellowship has light with darkness?” Homosexuality is “very grave sin.” That’s what God calls it, and that’s what it is. For Presbyterians to think that God will applaud them or anyone else who shakes his fist at Him by embracing same-sex marriage, is utter lunacy. This latest action by PCUSA leaders is simply the last nail in its coffin. The death has been a long time coming, and it began when leaders misappropriated for themselves, the authority to supplant the truth of God’s word with the policies of sinful and unredeemed men.

This rant sounds very familiar, but I can’t place it…Oh yeah, it’s pretty much word-for-word the same thing that was said about liberal Christian denominations that opposed slavery. And supported women’s suffrage. And opposed equal rights for blacks. And supported interracial marriage. “Haven’t we been here before?” asks a terrible old song by Styx. Answer: Yes. Yes we have.

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