Glenn Beck vs the GOP: Battle to the Death

Glenn Beck vs the GOP: Battle to the Death March 31, 2015

After saying he was tired of politics and was going to stop focusing on it so much, Glenn Beck has picked a fight with the Republican party and, in his typically melodramatic fashion, has declared that it’s a battle to the death — and that he’ll probably be vanquished in his brave attempt at…well, something.

“I really believe this is the opening of a can of whoop-ass that is not resealed,” Beck said, “and this is the entryway to a world of really bad darkness in the GOP that, if we continue to go down, which we are, you’re going to find all sorts of really bad stuff here.”

“This is a zero-sum game,” he said. “Only one of us is going to be standing at the end, I think … I don’t think we’re the ones that survive this game because there are so many really powerful people on the other side.”

Oh, but don’t worry Glenn. You’ll “die” as the martyr you so badly wish you could be. Climb up on that cross and make yourself comfortable, buddy.

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