MS Judge Uses Religion as Punishment

MS Judge Uses Religion as Punishment March 31, 2015

Here’s a report of yet another judge who thinks his job is to use his position to push people into his religion. A state judge in Mississippi gives teenagers who are caught with alcohol the option of writing a book report on the book of Revelation to get out of other legal punishments.

Judge Albert Fountain offers youths found with alcohol an offer most don’t refuse.

In part, they must write him a 1,000-word essay in order to to keep the conviction off their records and avoid hefty costs.

“I’ve been doing this eight or 10 years, and 19 out of 20 (offenders) read the book and write about Revelation,” he said.

“I don’t force them to do it. It’s their choice.”

Fountain has been a Harrison County Justice Court judge in Biloxi for 20 years and D’Iberville Municipal Court judge for 10 years.

“I came up with this idea after thinking about ways to make a positive difference in the lives of youths,” he said.

Fountain said he spoke with an ethics expert to make sure he wasn’t overstepping his bounds.

An unnamed “ethics expert.” That’s funny. How about taking a look at the Constitution, which forbids you from using your position as a government employee to force your religion on people, especially young people over whom you hold enormous power. Doing so is inherently coercive. But forget the law, he’s on a mission from God:

“When they read Revelation, they can’t help but think about what we’re heading for in the future if we don’t do the right thing,” Fountain said.

“I’ve had them come back with tears in their eyes,” he said…

He’s encountered a few people who disagreed with the Revelation recommendation.

“If they tell me they’re an atheist or don’t believe in Jesus Christ, I say, ‘Well that’s your opinion, sir or ma’am.'”

“God has put it on my heart to do this,” he said. “They may never be exposed to it ever again. It may change their entire life.”

Yeah, and how would you feel if Allah “put it on the heart” of a Muslim judge to have them do a report on the Quran instead? A judge is doing something blatantly illegal. He should be immediately removed from the bench.

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