Right Wing Journalist Accuses Allen West of Adultery, Sexual Harassment

Right Wing Journalist Accuses Allen West of Adultery, Sexual Harassment March 31, 2015

Charles C. Johnson, a controversial right-wing muckraking blogger, is publicly accusing one-term Congressman Allen West of being a well-known and multiple adulterer and of sexual harassing at least two female employees of Pajamas Media, the conservative blogging network that used to actually matter.

West, who was fired from Pajamas Media, grabbed the breast of then 24-year-old, Michelle Fields in front of an elevator while the two of them were colleagues. Fields declined to be interviewed on record but three different sources at PJ Media confirmed this story. (Update: Fields repeatedly and emphatically refused comment on the record and asked that I change her earlier confirmation which I have now done.)

According to sources at PJ Media and some who have since left–the organization is apparently shutting down–West also undressed himself in front of communications professional Sarah Culvahouse Mills. Mills actually drafted the press release that led to West’s departure. Mills, who is married and the daughter of McCain lawyer A.B. Culvahouse Jr, reportedly sought therapy for the incident.

West, who is also married, has a string of women that Gotnews.com’s editor-in-chief Charles C. Johnson has tracked down over the past two years. His marital infidelity is an open secret in conservative circles but a taboo subject among conservative activists who point to his military record and (less vocally) his race as an asset to the conservative movement.

I’m gonna have to stock up on popcorn for this one.

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