Hey Look, Another Lie From Allen West

Hey Look, Another Lie From Allen West April 1, 2015

Former congressman and now alleged serial sexual harasser Allen West has been caught lying yet again. It’s a standard-issue right-wing lie, taking a minor little story and turning into “OMG TYRANNY!” This one involves his claim that Obama and the EPA are going to attack your right to have a backyard BBQ.

Ladies and gents, I just cannot ascertain when the absurdity of this current administration will cease. The weather is finally warming up and one of the rituals of spring and summer is the family BBQ. Well, it is for now until the Environmental Protection Agency has its way.

As reported by Fox News, “the EPA is funding a $15,000 University of California-Riverside study to look at the particulate emissions you breathe when grilling over an open flame. Along with the drip tray, the emission removal system includes the use of a “secondary air filtration system is composed of a single pipe duct system which contains a specialized metal filter, a metal fan blade, a drive shaft, and an accompanying power system with either a motorized or manual method,” according to study. ”

Why is the EPA concerned about BBQ grill emissions? Who are these people and why are they using one single dime of American taxpayer dollars for this tomfoolery?…

This is yet another example of how the administrative bureaucratic state is far out of control. I would like to know the name of the person who signed off on this grant. One thing is for sure, some folks aren’t taking this lying down.

PolitiFact rates this claim as false. I call it a lie.

So West’s claim hasn’t been made up from whole cloth. But it’s still pretty misleading.

Most importantly, there’s a big difference between funding a small scientific grant and actually seeking to regulate an activity. The EPA makes clear that this grant isn’t exactly the camel’s nose under the tent. “EPA does not regulate backyard barbecues and does not plan to in the future,” the agency said in a statement to PolitiFact. (The Fox News article did mention this disclaimer toward the end of its story.)

The difference between supporting a study and setting national policy is especially wide in this case, because the funding comes from a national student design competition — the “P3 Awards: A National Student Design Competition for Sustainability Focusing on People, Prosperity and the Planet.”…

By West’s standard, would projects hosted by the White House at its science fair on March 23 also constitute a roadmap for future policymaking? Will the high school projects for a wearable breathalyzer wristband, or a system for turning algae into a biofuel — two real projects hosted at the science fair — automatically become guideposts for future federal rulemaking? We don’t think so. (West’s press office didn’t reply to two emails for this article.)…

But it’s wrong to say, as West does, that their existence demonstrates that the EPA “wants to” regulate backyard barbecues. The EPA says it isn’t seeking to do so, and the projects in question are examples of scientific inquiry, not examples of federal rulemaking.

It’s just more of the usual demagoguery from the right.

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