Klingenschmitt Apologies to Everyone But God

Klingenschmitt Apologies to Everyone But God April 1, 2015

After initially refusing to apologize for or retract his bizarre claim that the horrific gutting of a pregnant woman in Colorado was the result of the “curse of God upon America,” now Gordon Klingenschmitt has flip flopped and is apologizing for it.

“I do want to apologize for my words last week,” Klingenschmitt said, “because I was so angry that I forgot to be compassionate. My words were not compassionate and therefore I apologize. My tone was wrong. My choice of words was wrong. My choice of scripture was wrong. Everything I did about that report was wrong and honestly I apologize to you, Dan and Michelle Wilkins; I apologize to you, the viewers; I apologize to the voters and constituents of Colorado Springs and anybody out there who actually did hear accurate reporting and was offended by my insensitive words, I apologize to you.”

Notice who he doesn’t apologize to? God! He blamed God for it, saying that it was the result of his “curse” (whatever the hell that is) on America. I think he owes God an apology too. Funny, though, he spent several days defending his statement and playing the victim, claiming that those who were criticizing him were just anti-Christian zealots who didn’t like him quoting the Bible (Gordo has something of a track record of doing this).

And now it’s coming out why he suddenly apologized. He’s losing one of his two committee assignments in the Colorado legislature because of this. And now he says he’s suspending his TV ministry for a few weeks to focus on his job in the state house. And despite the “apology,” he’s still pretending to be persecuted for his faith:

In an e-mail, he protested being bounced from his committee.

“I am literally being punished for quoting unpopular Bible verses in my Sunday church, or interpreting the Old Testament differently than Leader DelGrosso interprets it, during my private ministry outside the Capitol. Is that suddenly a crime?” he wrote in the e-mail.

No, and you’re not being punished criminally for it, so climb down off that cross.

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