Shoebat the Lesser Endorses Blasphemy Laws

Shoebat the Lesser Endorses Blasphemy Laws April 1, 2015

Theodore Shoebat, the even dumber son of fake “ex-terrorist” Walid Shoebat, loves to rant and rave about the evils of Sharia law (and rightly so, though his notion that it’s a genuine threat to America is patently absurd). But he loves the idea of Christian sharia law that would punish blashpemers:

An opera director in Russia, named Boris Mezdrich, designed a painting for an advertisement for one of his plays, in which a crucifix is placed in between the legs of a woman. This enraged the pious Christians of Russia who gathered together by the thousands to protest against the opera. Putin and his administration had the director fired from his job for blaspheming against our Lord Jesus Christ, and rightfully so…

What the Russian government is doing against blasphemers and sodomites is absolutely correct.

You know who would agree with him completely? Those very Muslim fundamentalists he hates so much. Here’s a video of him blathering about it:

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