C-SPAN Gets a Report from Planet Wingnuttia

C-SPAN Gets a Report from Planet Wingnuttia April 2, 2015

A C-SPAN call in show recently took a call from a very…special caller from Georgia, who went on an extended rant about how President Obama, the EPA and the Sierra Club were hatching a secret plot to reduce the world’s population by creating lots more gay people.

“Last summer in Rio,” the caller from Georgia began, “the Sierra Club had a summit on sustainable population,” in which a member of the group allegedly said that “in order to reduce the population, we need to do these things — as many abortions as possible, promote homosexuality, and attack Christians that stand in the way of doing this.”

As the hosts looked on in stone-faced disbelief, the caller continued, saying “they want to reduce the population, and they planned to do this — the [Environmental Protection Agency] and the Sierra Club — they planned to make as many homosexuals as possible to reduce the population.”

“They are talking about bad things with these homosexuals, but when they talk to them, they act like they’re behind them and they’re all wonderful — but they have an agenda against them.”

According to the caller, the EPA and Sierra Club think “white people and black people, by abortions and turning people into homosexuals, will clear the way for them to have these Latinos come in and be the main population. Could you say anything about this?”

I can say something about it. I can say lots of things about it. “Put down the crack pipe” seems appropriate.

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