Michigan High School Removes Pro-Equality Poster

Michigan High School Removes Pro-Equality Poster April 2, 2015

Administrators at Marshall High School, a school I know quite well, removed a poster from a bulletin board that was put up by the school’s Gay-Straight Alliance club for the Transgender Day of Visibility because some parents complained about it. Their defense of their actions is downright Orwellian.

On Monday night, about 30 students stood in solidarity with the transgender community. They spray-painted the school rock after a member of the Gay-Straight Alliance group was told to take down a bulletin board that had been created to spread awareness of Transgender Day of Visibility today. The students said they were promised the board until today but suspected the board was removed because of parent complaints and threats to remove their children from school for the day…

Davis said parents met and expressed concern about the board with administrators Monday afternoon, but that he was told by an administrator the board was taken down Monday morning before the parent meeting.

“The parents expressed concern about our practice of allowing groups with alternative lifestyles to openly display posters in the school,” Davis said in an email to the Enquirer on Monday night. “The administration underscored student rights to freedom of speech and equal access. The meeting was a reaction to our practice, and not the reason for changing the bulletin board.”

Right. They “underscored student rights to freedom of speech and equal access” by removing the poster. Mr. Orwell, call your office.

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