The Prayer Warriors are Descending on New York City

The Prayer Warriors are Descending on New York City April 2, 2015

Cindy Jacobs, my favorite fake “prophet,” says that the economy is on shaky ground, so she’s taking a team of “prayer warriors” to New York City for…what? A prayerathon? A pray-in on Wall Street? A group pray-off between two groups called the Sharks and the Jets?

Praying for the Economy

Also, people have asked questions about the economy, and things really look like they could be shaking. But we are preparing to take prayer teams from all of our states, all our state generals to New York City in April, and we’re going to be praying for the economy specifically, asking God to help mitigate against shaking coming. I mean, it’s not just one prophet; it’s many that have been talking about some things coming up economically, even forecasters that do this for a living. But God. And so we want to pray together and give prayer points on how to pray. We’re very excited about that.

I picture a posse of prayer warriors acting as vigilantes, tracking down bad guys and yelling “Stop, or I’ll mumble to the sky for no reason!” Or this:

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