Wiles: Pentagon is Preparing to Round Up Patriots

Wiles: Pentagon is Preparing to Round Up Patriots April 2, 2015

If Rick Wiles didn’t exist, I’d have to invent him. For all you know, I did invent him just so I’d have someone to write about (I can neither confirm nor deny that this is true). His latest nugget of stupid is that he thinks the Pentagon’s new preparation exercise means they’re going to round up patriots and put them in concentration camps.

The Pentagon’s Special Operations Command is going to engage in a very large training exercise this summer called Jade Helm 15, in which certain places in America have been designated as hostile areas. Naturally, the right wing is losing their minds over it, but as the Washington Post points out, this is not at all unusual.

Several media outlets have noted that the Army has pushed back on the outcry, including Stars & Stripes, Army Times and the Houston Chronicle. But it’s also worth noting that the military has routinely launched exercises in the past in which regions of the United States are identified as hostile for the purpose of training.

Consider Bold Alligator, a naval exercise in which thousands of Marines and sailors have been involved in the past. The most recent version was launched last fall, and included amphibious landings to prevent insurgent groups in the fictional country known as Garnet — Georgia and part of Florida in real life — from launching attacks.

In another example, U.S. Special Forces support fictional guerrilla forces in numerous counties across North Carolina in the exercise Robin Sage. Green Beret soldiers work to liberate the country of Pineland, and operate in close proximity to civilians, who are warned that they may hear blank gunfire.

Marine Special Operations troop also have an exercise that is in some ways similar and called Derna Bridge. It spans several counties in western South Carolina, and includes some activities in Sumter National Forest.

These are elaborate war games with certain cities and areas pretending to be other places. It’s really not that spooky, unless you’re a paranoid ignoramus like Wiles:

End Times broadcaster Rick Wiles is embracing radical conspiracy theories about the Army’s upcoming Jade Helm 15 training exercise, telling listeners of Friday’s edition of “Trunews” that the drill is “the preparation for or the actual implementation of a round-up of patriotic men who have the capcity to influence and inspire the citizenry to resist a coup against the Republic.” …

“Several years ago, Satan launched his D-Day invasion and the church at large has no idea of the scope and depth of the Satanic, military operation against it, and make no mistake, this is a Satanic military operation against the body of Christ,” Wiles said.

This demonic attack apparently includes Right Wing Watch: “Satan’s people are intimidating Christians, telling us to shut up; well, the Holy Spirt is telling us, ‘speak-up.’ This radio program is monitored daily by the extreme left, the enemies of the Cross, many of you may be indifferent about whether we continue or not but I assure you, the far-left is not indifferent about the future viability of ‘Trunews.’ They want to bring us down. How many other radio programs are they monitoring like they monitor ‘Trunews’? What does that tell you? They consider ‘Trunews’ to be a serious threat.”

Right. Just like a few months ago when Wiles said that Obama was going to spread the Ebola virus nationwide as cover for — you guessed it — rounding up Christian patriots like him. No matter how many bizarre predictions they make that don’t come true, they’re always ready with the next one. The fact that they’re always wrong does nothing to slow them down.

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