Fischer: Non-Discrimination Laws are Slavery

Fischer: Non-Discrimination Laws are Slavery April 3, 2015

Bryan Fischer is furious that Gov. Mike Pence of Indiana has asked the state assembly to modify the Religious Freedom Restoration Act that was just passed to make clear that the law may not be used to excuse discrimination by businesses against gay people. Slavery, he cries. Slavery!

As Fischer explained it, when Gov. Mike Pence said that the law should be clarified to make clear that no business will have the right to deny services to customers, he seemed to be signaling that religious bakers or florists or photographers will be compelled to provide their services to gay weddings, which is unconstitutional because slavery was outlawed under the Thirteenth Amendment.

“I’m afraid Governor Pence is dangerously close to allowing the homosexual lobby to get the state of Indiana,” he warned, “to compel people to provide labor against their will. What do we call it when people are compelled to provide labor against their will? Involuntary labor, what do we call that, ladies and gentlemen? That is involuntary servitude, that is slavery, that is something that is forbidden by the Thirteenth Amendment.”

Brilliant! That means every business owner who would like to keep black people out of their business or refuse to hire them has been a slave for the last 50 years because of the Civil Rights Act. You’re a genius, Mr. Fischer. A bloody genius.

By the way, this “clarification” is meaningless. It changes nothing. There is no law in Indiana forbidding anti-gay discrimination and there never has been, which means businesses were free to discriminate on that basis all they wanted before RFRA was passed and they will still be able to do it after this “clarification.” They never needed RFRA to discriminate against gay people. They still don’t.

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