Hagee: Denying Gay Rights a ‘Matter of Survival’

Hagee: Denying Gay Rights a ‘Matter of Survival’ April 3, 2015

Of all the ridiculous arguments against gay rights, and gay marriage specifically, the single dumbest one has to be the “but if we don’t have children, the entire species will go extinct” argument. Naturally, the demon spawn of John Hagee thinks it’s terribly convincing.

Apparently convinced that this is a compelling and intelligent argument, Hagee repeated it on yesterday’s program, declaring that it is an “economical fact” that America needs more people and so allowing gay marriage will inevitably lead to the total collapse of society.

“It is impossible for same-sex marriage to do what biblical marriage does: create children,” Hagee said. “Without the procreation of children, the American society economically, will fail; culturally, will fail. It is not a matter of right or privilege, it’s a matter of survival.”

This never fails to make me laugh. Do they really think that allowing gay people to get married is going to cause straight people to stop having children? Well, kinda. The key to understanding why they make this type of argument goes back to something I’ve been pointing out for years: the overwhelming power of The Gay. The Christian right ascribes extraordinary power to The Gay. They really do believe that if we don’t make the lives of gay people as miserable as possible, there will be no way to deter others from turning gay. They think being gay is the most alluring, tempting thing imaginable. So if we actually start treating them as human beings with equal rights, everyone will immediately begin having gay sex wherever they happen to be standing. It will be total gay mayhem!


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