Robertson: Gay Rights Advocates ‘Totalitarian Dictators’

Robertson: Gay Rights Advocates ‘Totalitarian Dictators’ April 3, 2015

Wednesday was a banner day for Christian right bigots and charlatans to unload their rhetorical cannons, calling those who advocate for equality and non-discrimination jihadis, terrorists, Nazis, demonic and many other things. Pat Robertson went old school with “totalitarian dictators.”

“They’re not liberal, they’re totalitarian dictators,” Robertson said of the law’s critics. “They’re going to force you into their mold, they’re going to make you conform to political correctness, they’re going to make you do what the Left thinks is right, they’re going to make you acknowledge homosexual marriage, they’re going to make you embrace lifestyles that you think are anti-biblical despite your religious belief.”

Robertson continued: “The fact that these gays are making such a fuss of it and businesses are caving, businesses all over the country are caving, they are terrified of the gay lobby, terrified of the gay lobby. Don’t we have any backbone left in this country?”

Hey Pat, you know who already has the exact same anti-discrimination protections that gay people are now seeking? Christians. It is illegal everywhere in the country for a business to refuse to serve Christians (or adherents of any other religion, of course). And if someone suggested that religion be removed from the Civil Rights Act as a prohibited basis for discrimination, you would scream bloody murder. You’d accuse anyone who advocated such a thing to be under the influence of Satan and declare that this will lead to the rounding up of Christians and throwing them into FEMA concentration camps.

When Christians are protected against discrimination, that’s perfectly fine and any suggestion to the contrary would be totalitarianism, slavery, Nazism, genocide, Marxist and whatever other buzzwords you could think of. When gay people want the exact same protection, that too is totalitarianism, slavery, Nazism, blah blah blah. It’s remarkable how the argument flips when you change the identity of those who want to not be discriminated against.

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