Staver: Gay Rights Activists Just Like Terrorists

Staver: Gay Rights Activists Just Like Terrorists April 3, 2015

Mat Staver added his voice to the choir of incoherent, absurdly hyperbolic Christian right voices making the most offensive and ridiculous comparisons they can. Pat Robertson went with “totalitarian dictators.” Staver decided to compare advocates of equality to terrorists.

“There is nothing to clarify and there is nothing to fix,” Staver told Jim Schneider on VCY America’s “Crosstalk.”

“This is what the homosexual lobby wants to do: they want to intimidate [Indiana Gov. Mike Pence] so much, they want to try to embarrass him into doing something that is absolutely foolish, that will promote their agenda,” Staver added.

“It’s kind of like with these terrorists, it’s hard to negotiate with terrorists because they have a zero-sum game. It’s hard to negotiate with these people who simply are irrational and are inventing things that just simply don’t exist. You’re not going to placate them by trying to come back and pass a clarification to a law that doesn’t need any clarification at all.”

Being called irrational by Mat Staver. That has to score some points, right? In related news, Elaine Bennes says I’m a bad dancer.

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