Keyes: Gay Marriage Will Cause ‘Extinction of Humanity’

Keyes: Gay Marriage Will Cause ‘Extinction of Humanity’ April 4, 2015

Alan Keyes put his famous eloquence to work in a column at BarbWire in order to make a staggeringly dumb argument against same-sex marriage. Because gay people can’t have children (they can, actually, but let’s leave that aside for the moment), allowing them to get married will lead to the “extinction of humanity.”

The judges and justices who assert and demand enforcement of “marriage equality” for same sex couplings therefore face the burden of proving that, like the marriage couplings of men with women, same sex couplings are essential to the concrete perpetuation of the species as a whole. Given that same sex couplings are, as such, barren, this burden appears, on the face of it, impossible to sustain; and of course the U.S. courts have not done so.

No amount of reasoning as to the subjective gratification individuals derive from the spiritual, emotional or physical aspect of same sex couplings is relevant to this burden of proof. It has to do with humanity as a concrete fact, not as a subjective abstraction. This explains the general prejudice of mankind against the institutionalization of such couplings. For if made into a law for all, over time the concrete material manifestation of humanity would cease to exist.

This large-scale extinction of humanity now seems to be an acceptable goal for some elements of what I call the elitist faction. For the sake of the earth, of ecology, of environmental balance and purity, they seem to have conceived a righteous hatred against the existence of the human species, and therefore against its procreation.

Of all the arguments against gay rights, this one is truly the most ridiculous. Let’s state it as a syllogism:

P: Procreation is necessary for the human species to continue. (True)

P: Gay people can’t procreate. (False, but let’s grant it for the purposes of this argument)

C: Therefore letting gay people get married will cause the species not to continue.

It’s like they expect us not to notice those giant gaps in causal connections. In order for this to be true, allowing gay people to get married would have to cause all straight people to either become gay or stop having children themselves. Neither of those two things could be believed by anyone but the most delusional. You know, like Alan Keyes.

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