Glenn Beck Has Had Enough, You Frickin’ Nazis!

Glenn Beck Has Had Enough, You Frickin’ Nazis! April 5, 2015

Just a day after claiming that The Gay is going to round up Christians and put them into concentration camps, Glenn Beck’s Nazi Tourette’s Syndrome really kicked into high gear after that whole incident with the pizza place in Indiana. He just started sputtering madly about it.

“What kind of America are you building, you frickin’ Nazis,” Beck fumed. “What kind of Nazi regime are you building? Wake up! … You are following a Nazi group. I don’t know who is even leading this, but you’re becoming Nazis.”

“We need to start putting them into the robes of the Inquisition,” he continued. “That’s the way we need to start looking at these people because this is the Inquisition, gang. You think that there isn’t a Christian holocaust coming?”

The Inquisition and the Holocaust in a single paragraph. Well done, Glenn! You forgot witch hunts and Soviet gulags, though. We expect better from you.

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