Klingenschmitt Underestimates the Power of The Gay

Klingenschmitt Underestimates the Power of The Gay April 5, 2015

Gordon Klingenschmitt said he was suspending his show for six weeks, but that didn’t stop him from uploading a new one on Thursday. On that video, he claimed that gays are actively recruiting your children and that within 100 years they’ll succeed in turning 20% of the population gay.

“The disparity in the population proves to me that it is a recruitment effort for your children,” Klingenschmitt continued. “And thank God they’re resisting that in Alabama. I wish the rest of America would protect their children as well as they do in Alabama, which is why they have a lower percentage of children recruited, according to the Gallup poll, in the state of Alabama.”

Klingenschmitt then went on to warn that children raised in same-sex households are more likely to be gay, which is further proof that children are being recruited, meaning that “in a hundred years, if we continue to allow this recruiting effort across America, all of the children in all of the public schools, if we don’t stop this, will be re-educated that this is a good thing.”

“And I predict in a hundred years,” he said, “twenty percent of Americans could become homosexual.”

A hundred years? Only 20%? Oh Gordon, you aren’t even close. Clearly you don’t don’t understand the true power of the FEMA concentration/reeducation camps that are being developed at a secret base by the ghost of Saul Alinsky. Once we get all the Christians rounded up, we’ll turn them all gay. Hell, I predict that we’ll have you sucking cock like a pro within two years.

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