Mike Farris Goes Full Godwin Over Gay Rights

Mike Farris Goes Full Godwin Over Gay Rights April 5, 2015

Mike Farris, head of both Patrick Henry College and the Home School Legal Defense Association, went full Godwin on a radio show discussing the whole Indiana RFRA situation and equal rights for gay people in general. It seems “Nazi Germany would be proud” of how horribly we’re persecuting Christians by not letting them persecute others.

“We are going backwards on religious liberty, back to the Dark Ages of toleration, back to the witch trials, back to the very kinds of things that caused people to get in their ships and cross the ocean and come to the shores of Virginia and Massachusetts,” Farris said, rather ironically.

“This is not just about gay rights,” Farris continued. “This is about, can New York City pass a law that prohibits circumcision, will Orthodox Jews be prohibited from circumcising their little boys? Will pro-life doctors be forced to participate in abortions?”

If gay rights undermine religious freedom, he warned, then America will transform into Nazi Germany: “This is all about unilateral coercion, it’s political correctness with the regimentation and force that Nazi Germany would be proud of.”

Always with the Nazis, which is especially ironic when we’re talking about gay rights given that they killed tens of thousands of gay people, bare minimum.

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