A Local News Story on a Very Brave Little Girl

A Local News Story on a Very Brave Little Girl April 6, 2015

My friends Jeremiah and Angela Bannister are going through every parent’s worst nightmare. Their 10-year old daughter Samantha has a rare form of brain cancer that likely gives her only a few years to live, if that. But that little girl is showing such incredible bravery over the last few weeks that it just blows me away. Someone called a local TV station and they did this report on it:

I’ve really wanted to get down to see them and give them what support I can, but I’ve been fighting kidney stones and the pain meds I’ve been on just would not allow it. I’m going to finally get down there in the next few days. The family could use some financial help, as both parents have been off work for the last couple weeks and likely will be for a while. You can donate here if you’d like.

I can’t tell you how proud I am of my CFI-Michigan community for rallying around this family. Cathy Seaver, the wonderful wife of the group’s founder, has been organizing everything, lining up people to bring meals to the family every day, watch their other kids and whatever else needs to be done. This is why we build secular communities. These are the times when we take those humanist principles we profess down off the shelf and actually put them to work.

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