Fox and Friends Rages Against Anti-Discrimination Protection for Atheists

Fox and Friends Rages Against Anti-Discrimination Protection for Atheists April 6, 2015

Madison, Wisconsin just became the first city in the country to explicitly protect atheists against discrimination in hiring, housing and public accommodation. Naturally, Fox News is throwing a fit about it. Tucker Carlson and his fellow dolts on Fox and Friends explain how terribly oppressive it is:

While Fox News cheered on the Indiana “religious freedom” bill as a way to protect Christians, they sure don’t feel the same way about a Wisconsin ordinance, pushed by the evil Freedom From Religion Foundation, which protects atheists. On this morning’s Fox & Friends, we learned that this action is anti-Christian because Christians have a right to discriminate against atheists!

Paragon of tolerant Christianity, Tucker Carlson reported that Madison, Wisconsin is now including atheists as a protected class. Jesus BFF, Anna Kooiman set the propaganda message in asking Fox’s favorite race baiting, GOP activist, and former DOJ attorney J Christian Adams “where does this hostility come from.” Adams informed us that the measure was driven by the Freedom From Religion Foundation which is one of Fox’s favorite targets for its patented war on atheists and atheism. In Fox’s Christian crusade, Adams described the group as “a bunch of angry atheists.” (As opposed to the perennially pissed off Christians who host Fox News shows?)

Adams whined about how the FRFF “hectors governments to pass anti-Christian anti-Christian, anti-religious ordinances.” (As opposed to anti-gay ordinances such as the one, promoted by Fox, in Houston?) Despite the fact that Madison’s measure was passed unanimously, the banner proclaimed that it is a “Controversial Change.” He continued to whine about the FRFF’s evil ways and how they are “full of hostility towards people of faith.” Tucker Carlson joined the attack: “It’s never about tolerating their views, it’s attacking other people’s views.” (Oh, the irony! This is being said on Fox News which does this ALL THE TIME!)…

Adams blithered about how this ordinance will spawn a “body of “bureaucrats” who will be “tasked” to harass “people of faith” who have good reason to not hire atheists because the New Testament says to “avoid them.” He used the hypothetical example of an airline that wants to hire pilots who believe in hell (WTF) and opined that this shows why religion is “important to so many people.” He claimed that telling people that they can’t hire those who are religiously simpatico “intrudes on their free exercise of faith.”

Christians, of course, have had such protections against discrimination for more than 50 years now. And if you dared to suggest that they should not have such protections, you would be branded a demon-possessed minion of Satan and probably a gay Muslim terrorist too. Not allowing other people to discriminate against Christians? Obviously necessary. Not allowing Christians to discriminate against non-Christians? WHY DO YOU HATE AMERICA AND THE BABY JESUS, YOU COMMIE PINKO?

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