Michigan Governor Says He’ll Veto a RFRA Bill

Michigan Governor Says He’ll Veto a RFRA Bill April 6, 2015

Our Republican governor here in Michigan, Rick Snyder, apparently watching the reaction in Indiana and Arkansas, announced that if the legislature passes a Religious Freedom Restoration Act, he will veto it. Such a bill almost passed at the end of last term and has been reintroduced in the new session.

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder said he will not sign into law the Religious Freedom Restoration Act bill currently under debate in the Michigan Senate.

Dave Murray, a spokesman for Snyder, said Snyder plans to veto any standalone legislation similar to the controversial law passed in Indiana this month. He would consider a RFRA bill if there was also an expansion of the Elliot-Larsen Civil Rights Act to include protections for gay people.

“Gov. Snyder has said he supports religious freedom but strongly opposes discrimination of any kind,” Murray said. “He believes he should support constitutional protections and strike a balance.”

He added, “Ensuring freedom of religion is a basic founding principle of our country but so is equality.”

That’s certainly nice to hear, if he follows through on it. The Michigan RFRA bill is not a RFRA+ version, it’s a virtual word-for-word copy of the federal RFRA.

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