Tancredo: Iran Deal ‘Flirting With Treason’

Tancredo: Iran Deal ‘Flirting With Treason’ April 6, 2015

Far-right demagogue Tom Tancredo doesn’t like the deal with Iran one bit. Showing no evidence at all that he’s even seen the deal and making not a single specific argument, he offers up the familiar Republican talking points, adding that he thinks Obama is “flirting with treason” by making the deal.

President Obama has announced a “deal” with the government of Iran that allows the mullahs openly dedicated to our destruction to proceed on their path to develop nuclear weapons. No one is really surprised by the sellout, as it follows a long train of pro-Islamic policies and a willful blindness to Iran’s jihadist activities and ambitions.

The jihadist gun is loaded and pointed at our head, and soon those bullets will be nuclear warheads. Yet, none dare call it treason.

We are told the details of the Iran agreement are not yet final, but what is known amounts to a total capitulation to Iran’s nuclear plans. The terms offer only small concessions on Iran’s nuclear timetable coupled with an inadequate program of inspections to verify compliance with its promises.

If this had been a game of poker, John Kerry and the team of U.S. negotiators would be leaving Geneva not only with an empty wallet but without their shoes and pants. But they would still carry a sign declaring victory. That’s the Obama way.

The truth about this sellout is that Congress and everyone else saw it coming and did nothing to stop it. Obama’s commitment to reaching a deal at any price was well documented.

I doubt he’s even read the bill. He does not mention even one single actual provision in it. Not one. This could have been, and quite possibly was, written months ago. It didn’t matter what the deal actually says, the right was going to have the same response. That response was predetermined and bears no connection to reality. Non-proliferation experts from both right and left have praised the deal as being very close to what they would design as the ideal such agreement.

That disconnection with the actual details reveals the central truth that it simply never mattered what was in the deal, they were going to say the same thing. The talking points were circulated months ago and nothing in the agreement was even hypothetically going to alter them. Because the truth simply doesn’t matter to them, only gaining a partisan advantage does.

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