Teacher Tells Students They Can’t Be Christian and Support Obama

Teacher Tells Students They Can’t Be Christian and Support Obama April 6, 2015

A teacher in the small town of Dublin, Georgia, who is married to a right wing radio talk show host who also happens to be the chairman of the school board, told her students that if their parents support Obama, they can’t be real Christians. And unsurprisingly, she’s received no punishment for it.

The teacher’s name is Nancy Price Perry. She teaches at Dublin Middle School in Dublin, Georgia which is located between Macon and Savannah. Her husband is of the ilk of Erick Erickson and had a local “news” show where he talked about the perils of gay marriage, religion, etc., etc., in the community — his name is Bill Perry and his “show” was called Talk to Me with Bill Perry.

Bill Perry is a member of the Board of Education and sat in on the student-teacher conference — the “strong man” show to intimidate the parents at the meeting where the parents complained. His presence there let it be known that the BOE was backing his wife….or at least that is the impression he wanted to convey to them.

The most inexcusable thing is during the parent-teacher conference, instead of “toning it down,” they “double downed” on their message of Obama not being a Christian, and other inflammatory statements made by the teacher. They are not regretful and show no remorse at all. The Reverend Richard Sheffield is the Dublin City Board of Education Chairman. Any disciplinary actions involving teachers falls on the principal and ultimately the superintendent. Without a national spotlight on this story it seems nothing will be done and this will be swept under the rug and forgotten.

Here’s what that letter to the superintendent said:

In an effort to ensure that the public has the facts, we present the following chronological order of events thus far.

1. The teacher made several negative comments about the President, including that he is not a Christian as he claims to be. She said that any parent who supports him is not a Christian. She challenged her students to prove their Christianity.

2. The child shared with his parents what she said.

3. The parents, in an effort to settle the problem, requested an immediate parent-teacher conference.However, the conference took place several days later than the parents had wished.

4. Present at the conference were the parents, the teacher, a representative from the school and the teacher’s husband, who is a member of the Dublin School Board.

5. The parents were expecting that the teacher would hear their concerns, acknowledge the inappropriateness of her behavior in the classroom setting and show remorse for her conduct.

6. She did none of the above. Instead, she presented to the parents a packet of several pages from a website that expressed her views on religion and politics. She was supported in this by her husband.

7. The parents’ concern was exacerbated by the teacher’s unwillingness to even consider the possibility that her classroom conduct was not conducive to a healthy learning environment. They left the conference more determined than ever to pursue the matter further.

And nothing whatsoever has happened to the teacher. She should be suspended and her husband should be suspended from the school board as well.

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