Barber: Nazis, Nazis, Nazis! Gay People Are Nazis!

Barber: Nazis, Nazis, Nazis! Gay People Are Nazis! April 7, 2015

Hey look, yet another Christian right bigot claiming that gay rights activists are Nazis, and hardly for the first time. Matt Barber seems to be challenging Glenn Beck’s title as the leading Godwinian on the right wing. I’m starting to wonder if there’s some rich right-winger that pays money for every Nazi comparison they make.

After Staver asserted that gay rights activists are out to destroy religious freedom, Barber responded by warning that attacks on the Indiana law were laying the groundwork for persecution of Christians in America.

“You wonder how, in Nazi Germany, the propagandists were able to get an entire nation of people on board with persecuting to Jews the level that they’re doing,” Barber said. “We see it being repeated here with an entire nation of people, these leftists media propagandists, getting them on board for a soft persecution, at least at this point and time, of Christians here in the U.S.”

Says the person advocating discrimination against gay people — you know, like the Nazis actually did.

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