BarbWire Editor Goes On James David Manning Show

BarbWire Editor Goes On James David Manning Show April 7, 2015

Proving once again that there is absolutely no limit to how extreme or heinous a right-winger’s views are that other right wingers won’t continue to take them seriously and associate with them, BarbWire editor Gina Miller went on James David Manning’s show. Manning, you may recall, is the bigot who thinks gay people should be stoned and that Starbucks puts gay semen into their coffee. And even that doesn’t make him untouchable.

Manning and Miller discussed the supposed connections between Islamic extremism and the gay rights movement, with Manning warning that “while sodomy is making its way like wildfire across America,” Islamic law is becoming “a second court and Constitution in this once great nation.”

“Will we see ourselves under two mandates, sodomy and Sharia?” Manning asked. Miller replied: “I would not doubt it a bit.”

Only among those for whom logic is irrelevant or even despised could someone posit that we live under A and ~A at the same time, under both Sharia law and that which Sharia law considers a capital crime. And of course, the devil makes an appearance in this mutual dance of stupidity:

After Manning falsely claimed that Mary Cheney, former Vice President Dick Cheney’s daughter, is a transgender man, the pastor cited the Cheney family’s support for LGBT rights as proof that “Satan has really been able to advance this movement.”

“You nailed it,” Miller said. “At the root of this movement — it’s demonic.”

She continued: “The demonic aspect of homosexual behavior and all of these related disorders cannot be overstated, and when the Enemy is unacknowledged he is free to run rampant.”

Miller concluded that the “real targets of this movement” are “Christians, because as you know, in the world, we’ve got the children of the Lord and the children of the Devil, and we’ve got Israel and Christians, that’s it. So Christians are the true targets of this movement. Whether the foot soldiers of this movement know it or not, the demonic forces behind it do.”

And the whole thing began with Manning’s charming rant about how people should have the “courage” to call gay people “faggots.”

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