Robertson: Don’t Play Soccer on Sunday and You’ll Get Rich

Robertson: Don’t Play Soccer on Sunday and You’ll Get Rich April 7, 2015

At this point, Pat Robertson is like that one uncle or cousin that many families have that comes to Thanksgiving dinner and goes on rambling, incoherent political diatribes that make everyone else roll their eyes. Time time he waited for Easter dinner instead:

A 700 Club viewer named Terri explained in an email to Robertson that her nephew had been hoping to get a soccer scholarship, but his mother was torn because some of the matches meant that the boy would miss church.

“She is torn and having a hard time finding any peace in all this,” Terri wrote. “Your thoughts?”

“There’s a restaurant, it’s called Chick-fil-A,” Robertson pointed out. “Mr. Cathy decided years and years ago that he was going to resist pressure and close on Sunday, that he wasn’t going to do business on the Lord’s day, and he wasn’t going to make his employees work on the Lord’s day.”

According to Robertson, Cathy had become a “multi-billionaire” and his restaurants were popular because he had been “faithful to the Lord.”

“I’m sorry… which is more important? Jesus or soccer?” the televangelist asked. “And God can make a way for your son without having to compromise his faith.”

And I bet there’s never been a business that closed on Sundays that didn’t turn the owner into a billionaire, right Pat? And what of the overwhelming majority of businesses that are open on Sundays whose owners are also billionaires? I guess they don’t count, eh?

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