Tsunami of Perversion 2: Electric Boogaloo

Tsunami of Perversion 2: Electric Boogaloo April 7, 2015

Charisma News editor Jennifer LeClaire is still trying to convince people that God sent her a vision that America was going to suffer a “tsunami of perversion.” Unsurprisingly, she found an eager audience for this nonsense in Rick Wiles of TruNews radio.

Jennifer LeClaire, the news editor of the Religious Right magazine “Charisma,” appeared on “Trunews” yesterday to tell host Rick Wiles about a recent prophetic experience she had in which God warned her that “a tsunami of perversion and all manner of wicked sin is headed towards this nation.”

Wiles said that this “tsunami” has already hit America: “I believe it’s truly a word from the Lord. ‘A tsunami of perversion and all manner of wicked sin is headed towards this nation.’ We see it right now. The first wave has already come in. The nation is embracing perversion, it is embracing hostility towards God, it is the most bizarre thing I’ve ever witnessed in my life and quite frankly it’s frightening.”

“This very week in Indiana, the governor and the legislative leaders of Indiana are being treated as though they’re worse than Hamas or Hezbollah,” Wiles said. “I’m just amazed to what is happening in this country.”

LeClaire agreed, suggesting that criticism of Indiana is proof that “we’ve opened the door to the Enemy in this land” and that the country is now experiencing “a spiritual attack.”

Oh yes, it’s so frightening! One can imagine them huddled up in the corner of their underground bunker, surrounded by survival supplies they ordered from Glenn Beck, shaking with fear at the idea that other people who have nothing to do with them are having sex in ways they disapprove of that have no effect on them. It’s just so terrifying!

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