Wingnut Doesn’t Believe in Gay People

Wingnut Doesn’t Believe in Gay People April 7, 2015

Jerry Kennedy is the host of one of the approximately 14.8 million right-wing internet “TV” shows, America’s Survival. He’s also abysmally ignorant of biology, which prompts him to make the incredibly dumb comment that he doesn’t believe gay people exist at all.

Speaking with co-host Peter LaBarbera, Kenney maintained that there is nothing “natural” about homosexuality before switching gears and saying that, even if it were natural, “there are a lot of things that are natural that aren’t necessarily good.”

“I don’t believe in gay people, I don’t believe there is such a thing as a gay person,” Kenney asserted. “And I would like somebody, somewhere, with all of these great gay think tanks they claim to have, to prove to me scientifically that there really is what the call a gay gene or whatever. They can’t. There isn’t. It’s a behavior.”

Who, exactly, is it that claims to have “great gay think tanks”? I’m guessing he extracted that from the same place he extracted his claim about gay genes — ironically, from his ass. No one believes that there is such a thing as a “gay gene that, when switched on, makes a person gay. That’s a blatant straw man, brought on either by ignorance of genetics or dishonesty, take your pick. Rather, scientists believe it to be an epigenetic phenomenon, a combination of genetics and environment (in the womb, not after being born).

“If it’s genetic, wouldn’t it have died with the first person who had the gene mutation?” he asked. “How did they reproduce? But they say, ‘Well, it’s natural.” Okay, let’s accept that argument. There are a lot of things that are natural that aren’t necessarily good. In nature, animals rape one another. So should rape be okay? Some animals eat their own waste, is that okay? Animals eat their young. Is our new standard now, in this society that we’ve brought down and as long as we’re at the animal level then it’s okay?”

Congratulations, you’ve discovered the naturalistic fallacy. Now if only that were relevant to someone’s actual position rather than the straw position you’ve invented.

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