Anderson’s Weird Understanding of History

Anderson’s Weird Understanding of History April 8, 2015

Ryan T. Anderson is the Heritage Foundation’s resident “expert” on same-sex marriage, which means he can be relied on to offer one dumb argument after another against it. But his latest statements will really leave you shaking your head as he claims that the advocates of same-sex marriage are like the opponents of interracial marriage.

While anti-miscegenation laws were implemented throughout the United States for centuries until the Supreme Court struck them down in 1967, and it wasn’t until fairly recently that a majority of Americans began to accept that interracial relationships are moral (many, and disproportionately white evangelicals, still do not believe so), Anderson suggested that interracial marriage opponents never really held sway.

“What does race have to do with marriage?” he asked. “Absolutely nothing. And no great thinker at any point in human history ever said race had anything to do with marriage.”

Well, they may not be the greatest thinkers of human history, but plenty of leaders of the Religious Right movement believed that the Bible required them to oppose interracial marriage. Bob Jones said that any “Bible-believing Christian” would oppose interracial marriage, Jerry Falwell preached against it, and Jesse Helms — who has been honored by Anderson’s own group — “got his political start by bashing interracial marriage.”

That’s freaking amazing. No “great thinker” ever opposed interracial marriage, and yet somehow it was strictly forbidden in nearly every state for about 300 years of this country’s history, as well as in many other countries. And the entire basis for doing so was — survey says — religion, specifically Christianity. Judge Leon Bazile stated it directly in his district court ruling in Loving v Virginia:

Almighty God created the races white, black, yellow, malay and red, and he placed them on separate continents. And but for the interference with his arrangement there would be no cause for such marriages. The fact that he separated the races shows that he did not intend for the races to mix.

Anderson then went one step further, insisting that gay rights advocates are the ones acting like the opponents of interracial marriage.

“For the past generation, there have been a bunch of lies told in the public schools and in the media, lots of propaganda, but propaganda can’t win in the long run. In the long-run, the truth wins out,” Anderson said. “In the same way when there were some racists who tried to say that you can’t have interracial marriage, that was propaganda, it was a lie, and it failed. In the same way, trying to eliminate that marriage is about uniting the two halves of humanity, not black and white, because that’s not the two halves of humanity, the two halves of humanity, male and female, husband and wife, mom and dad, you can’t erase that, and in the long run the truth will win out.”

Now that’s some fancy spinning for you. The advocates of same-sex marriage are just like the opponents of interracial marriage because they were both wrong. And yet every single argument that Anderson and other opponents of same-sex marriage was made by the opponents of interracial marriage too. Funny, that.

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