Barber: Same-Sex Marriage is Satanic

Barber: Same-Sex Marriage is Satanic April 8, 2015

Doing his best impersonation of the Church Lady from Saturday Night Live, Matt Barber went on an extended rant on Liberty Counsel’s radio show declaring that same-sex marriage is a deliberate attack on “God’s design for human sexuality” by…oh, I don’t know…SATAN.

“From the spiritual level,” Barber asked, “who is the Lawless One? Who is the Great Deceiver referred to in Scripture? The Lawless One is the Father of Lies himself and so this kind lawlessness, we know who is behind it. We know who is behind this push to redefine marriage, from a spiritual standpoint. If God designed human sexuality and designed them male and female, we know who is attacking God’s design for human sexuality, God’s design for the differences between the sexes and coming together in the institution of marriage as one as one flesh. And it also is a representation of the church, of Christ’s relationship with the church, the bride of Christ. And so that is something that Satan hates, it is something that he wants to attack and undermine, so from a spiritual standpoint, isn’t it what this all kind of derives from?”

I think Liberty Counsel should file a brief in the Supreme Court cases saying that. I’m sure it would be taken with all the seriousness it deserves.

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