‘Experts’ Say ‘Blood Moon’ Warns Against Iran Agreement

‘Experts’ Say ‘Blood Moon’ Warns Against Iran Agreement April 8, 2015

You knew the Worldnetdaily wasn’t going to sit by and let the Times of Israel steal their thunder when it comes to making monumentally stupid claims about those not-at-all-mysterious “blood moons.” So they’ve got their own article claiming that the blood moons warn against the agreement with Iran, but once again without anything like an argument for that conclusion.

If it’s a coincidence, it’s an astounding one. An ominous “Blood Moon” appearing at the same time the Obama administration is boasting of a nuclear agreement with Iran that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says endangers the very survival of the Jewish state.

And experts warn that Barack Obama’s actions could herald disastrous consequences not just for Israel, but for the world.

Pastor Mark Biltz, the discoverer of the Blood Moons phenomenon, says current events in the Middle East are “totally tied to these Blood Moons.”

“A number of rabbis have said this, that Obama comes across as a kind of Haman figure. Haman we recall was a Persian official who wanted to kill the Jews living within that empire. Of course, the modern heir of the Persian Empire is Iran, now the Islamic Republic. And we have Iranian generals openly saying that they want to destroy Israel. God is clearly sending us a sign reminding us of these parallels.”

Oh yes, clearly. I mean, what other possible explanation could there be that a normal astronomical event that we knew would happen because the laws of physics made it inevitable on a specific date and time would happen at a time when the right wing wants to throw a tantrum about something? Well, given that they throw such a tantrum at least once a week, the odds are pretty fucking good. This is an argument that these halfwits find convincing.

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