Jindal Panders to the Dumbass Crowd

Jindal Panders to the Dumbass Crowd April 8, 2015

Bobby Jindal is doing what every other not-yet-announced Republican presidential candidate is doing, running all over Iowa attending every knitting circle and prayer breakfast they can find to put on a pander-fest. Bobby Jindal has an interesting choice for his running mate:

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, who is considering a White House run, may have narrowed his choice of running mates. During a joint appearance at a Good Friday prayer breakfast in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Jindal was asked about picking Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson as his side man in the coming campaign.

“As a running mate? Sure, but as vice president—I assume that’s what you’re asking—not the other way around,” Jindal told reporters, adding, “He’s a great guy, I think he’d be a great running mate. It’d be a huge pay cut for him, so I’m not sure he’d be willing to do it.”

The rational response, of course, would have gone something like this: “Are you fucking kidding me? You think I should put a totally uneducated reality TV star a heartbeat away from the presidency? Who do you think I am, John McCain?” Because that’s just what the country needs, Sarah Palin in a bad ZZ Top beard.

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