Zieve: Obama Submits America to Iran and Islam

Zieve: Obama Submits America to Iran and Islam April 8, 2015

Of all the minor characters on the far right, I’m not sure there are any more ridiculous than Sher Zieve. She blathers on ignorantly with all kinds of bizarre conspiracy theories on half the wingnut websites in existence, including BarbWire. Her latest column there begins with some internalized misogyny:

While all too many of the American sheeple continue to sleep, Obama continues to destroy their country. Every day, his treasonous acts grow and every day our elected federal officials try to find new dark corners in which to hide. Even Republican State executives—aka governors–are now bending and caving to the new ObamaGov that is quickly rising from the ashes of the now deceased USA. As quickly Indiana and Arkansas passed freedom of private religious (think Christian only) businesses to sue in court for not having to do business with the “gay” community, they caved to said community—when its members said ‘bad things’ about them–and virtually nullified the original bill. Question: How much estrogen have these so-called men been taking?

Yeah, because estrogen makes you weak. I mean, it makes other people weak. Surely Zieve does not consider herself to be some milquetoast, weak-kneed appeaser like those she criticizes, and yet she has far more estrogen than them. Casual sexism conclusively disproved, let’s move on to the just plain false claims:

Obama has decimated the US economy with his over regulation, increased taxation (think ObamaCare) and punishment tactics used against some of the most successful companies. Note The downfall in the US economy did begin under President Bush but, ONLY after the Marxist-Democrats took control of both houses of Congress.

Nope. The recession was, in fact, largely the fault of a Democrat. It was President Clinton who refused to allow real regulation of the derivatives market and who signed the law deregulating Wall Street. But he was acting like a Republican when he did so (Clinton might as well have been a Republican in most respects other than court appointments). But the economy has been steadily recovering while Obama was in office (which is not the same thing as saying he deserves credit for that, he doesn’t; but it does show that his policies have not “decimated” the economy by any possible definition. Zieve lives in an alternate reality.

Let’s take a look at his tactics:

Obama began his take down of Mubarak in Egypt for a Muslim leadership even before he took possession of what was once our White house.

Uh, Sher…Mubarak was the chief ally of the Muslim Brotherhood that you love to rant about. He was deposed by the Egyptian military for that very reason and the new regime has outlawed the Muslim Brotherhood. You should be happy about that, but you can’t use that to blame Obama so you just invent your own “facts” to fit your narrative.

Obama took out Libya for a strict Muslim and left it destroyed and under Islamists. Via his actions, he ensured to murder of Libya’s leader Qaddafi—who wanted to be the leader of a state to be formed known as “the United States of Africa.”

It absolutely cracks me up that so many right wingers now suddenly think Qaddafi was George Washington and Gandhi rolled into one. The same Qaddafi that Reagan bombed to the wild cheering of those very same people. Just like those same people suddenly decided that Saddam Hussein was the second coming of Adolf Hitler after warmly embracing him and cheering on Reagan as he sold him chemical and biological weapons and then lied to cover up the fact that he used them. Hey, the truth is whatever they declare it to be at any given moment.

And Obama’s submitting to the will of Iran—and delivering what may very well prove to be the Coup de gras to the USA— as well as bringing in hundreds of thousands of Muslims into the USA (see the ongoing figures by going to the Center for Immigration Studies site) he is now beginning the establishment of am Islamic country in what was once the light and engine to the world. It is no more

Our leaders and new feckless military have destroyed our country, while too many of our fellow citizens sat back and let it happen. For those who have wondered what would happen of the USA was no more…look around. The world is on fire and the leader of the world coup smiles, laughs and goes golfing. Questions?

“The coming of the lawless one is according to the working of Satan, with all power, signs, and lying wonders”–2 Thessalonians 2: 9

Muslims! Satan! Antichrist! Totally reasonable.

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