Bryan Fischer Award Winner: Glenn Beck

Bryan Fischer Award Winner: Glenn Beck April 9, 2015

The Bryan Fischer Award is given to those who display a staggering lack of self-awareness, accusing others of displaying their own worst faults. And seeing Glenn Beck rail against irresponsible journalism is the very definition of psychological projection.

“Remember they came out and they said the University of Virginia, just riddled with rape. It’s the kingdom of rape. And they told this great story of a woman who had been raped on the campus of the University of Virginia. Why would you call and verify a single fact in this story?” Glenn said.

Glenn said that the United States has become the opposite of many oppressive Middle Eastern countries, where rapes are largely ignored and women have few rights. In America, the world almost universally believes the accusations and condemns the accused before they are even convicted.

“In what universe is there not two sides to a story” In what universe do we just take one person’s word for it?” Glenn asked.

That’s a great question, Glenn. Maybe you should ask Abdulrahman Alharbi. You remember him, right? You declared him to be the “money man” behind the Boston Marathon bombing, over and over again, despite the fact that the FBI had investigated him and declared him an innocent bystander and — most importantly — despite the fact that you didn’t have even a tiny little shred of evidence for that claim.

And then you took it even further, claiming that the federal government was lying about it and, in your typically grandiose manner, warned them that they’d better come clean and admit that the guy was a terrorist within three days or you would make public all that evidence you falsely claimed to have. And then you didn’t do shit because you didn’t have shit. You lied, over and over and over again. And now you’re being sued by the guy and he’s probably going to win. And I hope it costs you every fucking dime you ever made. In the meantime, I suggest you shut the fuck up about irresponsible journalism.

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