Rand Paul Explains His Iran Flip Flop

Rand Paul Explains His Iran Flip Flop April 9, 2015

Now that Rand Paul is running for president he’s rapidly abandoning his previous positions so he can appeal to the Republican base. And boy, does he get all prickly when you point those things out. He jumped all over Savannah Guthrie for asking about his flip flops on aid to Israel and Iran. And he practically admits the real reason he’s done so:

“What I would say is, there has always been a threat of Iran gaining nuclear weapons and I think that’s greater now than it was many years ago. I think we should do everything we can to stop them,” Paul said to host Savannah Guthrie. But in 2007, Paul, then a surrogate for his father’s presidential campaign, told radio host Alex Jones that “Even our own intelligence community consensus opinion now is that they’re not a threat.” “You know, it’s ridiculous to think they’re a threat to our national security,” he added.

Asked to clarify the contradiction, Paul first bickered with the question, challenged Guthrie’s interview skills, and then reluctantly explained that he made his comments before he ran for office. “2007 was a long time ago and events do change over long periods of time,” Paul said. “We’re talking about a time when I wasn’t running for office, when I was helping someone else run for office.”

Yeah, he wasn’t running for president then! So it doesn’t matter what he said then, it only matters what he says now. And how dare you so rudely ask him to defend his many changes in position, you biased liberal reporter!

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