Vander Plaats: GOP Will Never Win If They Stop Being Anti-Gay

Vander Plaats: GOP Will Never Win If They Stop Being Anti-Gay April 9, 2015

Bob Vander Plaats of the Iowa Family Leader, a virulently anti-gay group, has some advice for the Republican party, but it’s advice they should and inevitably will ignore. He says that if they don’t continue to be the party of anti-gay bigotry, they’ll never win another election.

The civil rights division found that the baker didn’t discriminate against the customer’s religious beliefs since she did not want to bake a cake which used “derogatory language and imagery.” She also “proposed that her bakery make the cake with a blank Bible page and provide [the customer] with the frosting and piping materials needed to write his anti-gay cake message on the dessert himself.”

Deace spoke about this incident with Bob Vander Plaats of The Family Leader, who said that it shows that the U.S. is turning into China and will soon deem certain Bible verses to be “hate speech.”

Vander Plaats also agreed with Deace that Republican leaders are jeopardizing their own electoral prospects by refusing to stand up against gay rights: “They’ll never win again without this base.”

One of the things that has long amused me about the Christian right is their ability to convince themselves that they are always part of an overwhelming majority, in the face of all evidence. Sorry Bob, the country is moving on rapidly from anti-gay bigotry. The only demographic that still clings to it as a majority are people who will be dying off soon and young people support equality by a huge margin. And the Republican party will soon jettison their anti-gay positions because their political survival requires it. You lost. Get over it.

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