Barton Predicts America’s Collapse From Premarital Sex

Barton Predicts America’s Collapse From Premarital Sex April 11, 2015

Fake historian and professional liar David Barton did an interview at a Cleveland Right to Life event and made the rather bizarre claim that no nation has ever survived more than 80 years once premarital sex and infidelity have become accepted.

“In regards to the moral standing of other democracies, including ancient Rome, how is the United States measuring up today?” an interviewer asked Barton in an edited clip posted on YouTube by the anti-choice group.

“Well, we got real trouble,” Barton responded.

“…Pre-marital purity and post-marital fidelity…no nation, any nation in 5,000 years has ever survived two generations past that, so it’s gone within 80 years,” he said. “So Rome’s the same way.”

Okay, David, show your work. Please identify the year in which that happened in Rome and why you think there was no premarital sex or infidelity before that point so that we can know whether this 80 year claim is true. And then do the same thing for every other country. Oh, you can’t? You were just talking out your ass? How surprising.

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