Tantaros Really Starting to Nail her Ann Coulter Impersonation

Tantaros Really Starting to Nail her Ann Coulter Impersonation April 11, 2015

Andrea Tantaros may finally have honed her Ann Coulter impersonation to the point where it’s believable. In discussing the conviction of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev for the Boston Marathon bombing, she suggested that if they don’t give him the death penalty, Obama might trade him to ISIS.

“And I know people are saying, ‘Well, if he [gets] the death penalty, he’ll be a martyr, he’ll be considered a martyr and then ISIS and other terrorist groups will use it as propaganda,’” she opined. “I think that’s the last thing we need.”

But it was what might happen if Tsarnaev was spared death that really worried Tantaros.

“Could we be looking at a situation where he’s traded if he is not put to death?” the Fox News host wondered. “ISIS and terrorist groups saying, ‘Free Tsarnaev.’ And then, we’re in a situation again where there’s pressure to trade him or free him.”

Seriously, if she dies her hair blonde she could bank some serious coin performing as Coulter at frat parties and Tea Party events.

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