Glenn Beck’s Hilarious Soul-Searching

Glenn Beck’s Hilarious Soul-Searching April 12, 2015

Glenn Beck put a highly amusing post on his Facebook page wondering if he’s wasted his life (yes) and if he should stop talking (yes). And he wonders if he’s really doing what God wants him to be doing:

Sometimes after a hard days work like today, I come home and wonder if I am doing what He wants me to do.

Really, Glenn? After all the times you’ve claimed that you’ve spoken directly to God and he has revealed this glorious future for your current endeavors, how you’re going to change the world and save the country? So were you full of shit then or are you full of shit now? Don’t answer that. We know the answer is both.

Today the blaze ran an exclusive story on a man who left the navy and is now serving in Iraq with the Kurds. He and fellow brothers left America because they are on a mission to protect these people from slaughter.

I then spoke to a mother and daughter from Egypt that are bringing medical supplies over to the Coptic Christians.

What did I do today? Spoke about it. Then talked politics,mixed with culture talk to make sure the audience was a big as it could be to hear the important news…

Have I wasted my time, talent and money? Would it have been better to take the money and just gone over and helped? Start the blaze, let it run itself and now make an impact elsewhere.

Would it be better for me to speak to small crowds than the mass? If not, maybe I shouldn’t have left fox. Was I all wrong?

Do you ever feel like maybe it is time to pack it up and go and do? I am one American that is tired of those who just talk. Unfortunately, I talk more than most combined.

Yes, you’ve wasted your life. Yes, you talk too much. You should shut up and go to Iraq to fight with the Kurds. We’ll await your postcard.

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