Bigot on Bigot Crime: Le Pen vs Le Pen

Bigot on Bigot Crime: Le Pen vs Le Pen April 13, 2015

I’m broken up about an intra-party and intra-family feud going on in the neo-fascist National Front party in France. It seems that Marine Le Pen is upset with her daddy, Jean-Marie Le Pen, who founded the party, because his denial of the Holocaust makes it more difficult for the party to win elections.

The founder of France’s far-right National Front, Jean-Marie Le Pen, vowed Friday to hit back at his daughter Marine, as a family and political feud grew increasingly bitter.

Marine, the party president, “is blowing up her own party … it’s not me killing myself, it’s she who is shooting herself in the foot,” the 86-year-old told RTL radio.

Jean-Marie appeared to be in no mood to back down, saying: “I will defend myself” and “probably go on the attack.”

The latest comments came amid a fierce war of words between father and daughter, after Marine said Jean-Marie was committing “political suicide” with recent comments about the Holocaust.

The controversy-loving Jean-Marie had said that Nazi gas chambers were a “detail of history” and defended war-time French leader Philippe Petain, who collaborated with Hitler’s regime.

It appears to have been the last straw for Marine, 46, who has sought to clean up the party’s anti-Semitic and racist image in a bid to make it more electable.

Oh, that’s gonna make Christmas dinner a bit awkward. Pass the popcorn.

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