League of the South Celebrates Lincoln Assassination

League of the South Celebrates Lincoln Assassination April 13, 2015

This weekend the racist, pro-slavery, neo-Confederate League of the South of Maryland and Virginia held a celebration of the 150th anniversary of the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln by John Wilkes Booth. Because “he needed killing,” of course.

Members of the Maryland-Virginia chapter of the League of the South (LOS) are set to host an event celebrating John Wilkes Booth’s assassination of President Abraham Lincoln.

The event, organized by Shane Long, the Vice Chairman of the Maryland-Virginia LOS, is scheduled to take place in Baltimore on April 11th.

“The Maryland-Virginia League of the South commemorates the actions of Mr. John Wilkes Booth of Maryland who, motivated by the tyranny his Southern people faced, answered his calling with courage and fortitude,” states the Facebook page for the event.

Next week they’ll probably be holding a huge party to celebrate all the black people lynched in the South after the Civil War, complete with a Vanilla Ice impersonator.

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